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K2 Energy not only provides cutting edge technology in the Lithium ion energy storage market, but has a world class team of scientists and engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of energy storage design, systems integration, manufacturing, support testing and quality control.

K2 offers inception to implementation (turnkey) solutions for our customers.

Since our knowledge base encompasses from the cell to the system level, our team is able to optimize battery solutions to achieve customer goals.

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K2 is proud to be founded and headquartered in Henderson, Nevada USA. All of our products and new technologies are researched and developed here in the United States. Our ability to produce cells and batteries both domestically and abroad in our own privately owned facilities ensures the highest standards of quality and safety.
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Industry Leader

K2 Energy offers customers the advantages of K2|Lithium Ion™ energy storage solutions. Our products provide numerous markets the benefits of high power, high energy, safety, lighter weight and extensive cycle life out of a battery approaching 30% the size and weight of traditional lead acid batteries.

K2|Lithium Ion™ has a field proven record as being safer and more abuse tolerant than traditional oxide-based lithium batteries. We are the Lithium ion energy storage provider of choice for the transportation and medical industries due to our batteries’ unique safety profile.

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New Product Launch

U1 Battery – 12V and 24V

K2’s U1 Battery with LFP technology presents substantial value by providing 12V and 24V options, longer cycle life, reduced weight, increased safety and ultimately lower cost of ownership.

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