K2 Energy Solutions Releases New Prismatic Cells

As part of K2 Energy’s innovative outlook, they have released their first Prismatic cells. While many energy needs are met through K2 Energy’s array of Power and Energy cylindrical cells, K2 Energy is constantly improving and expanding their solutions in the energy storage field to meet industry needs.

These Prismatic cells make the most use of space by using a layering approach with a compressing outer layer to maximize energy density in a tight space. The Prismatic cell’s small square size makes them ideal for many applications and K2 Energy’s inherently safer Lithium Iron Phosphate chemistry will make these cells a strong contender for energy storage.

“These safe and compact Prismatic cells have amazing potential for so many applications,” said Cameron De Vries, Business Development Manager for K2 Energy. “The benefits of Lithium Iron Phosphate in the Prismatic format will bring new and substantial value to the energy industry.”

“K2 Energy is focused on being a resourceful and innovative solution for the world’s energy storage needs,” said Sean Campbell Chief Executive Officer of K2 Energy. “These new Prismatic cells are evidence of our search for the best energy storage solutions. We are constantly working for our customers to achieve their energy goals and this is what drives K2 Energy forward.”

K2 Energy was founded in the growing technology hub of Henderson, Nevada in 2006, and is a leading developer and producer of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, which are used in many advanced medical, industrial, and military applications as well as powering a variety of electric vehicles. K2 Energy produces both energy-optimized and power-optimized products, which have a multitude of consumer, product, safety, and environmental benefits compared to traditional lead acid batteries.

K2 Energy not only provides cutting edge technology in the Lithium ion energy storage market, but has a world class team of scientists and engineers with extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of energy storage design, systems integration, manufacturing, support testing and quality control. K2 offers inception to implementation (turnkey) solutions for our customers. K2 Energy’s knowledge base encompasses cell, pack and system level research, design, development, and manufacturing which allows K2 to optimize battery solutions to achieve customer goals.